The best performance in the industry the REOVIB replaces MFS 368 the second feeder.

In addition, no expensive Tuning, thanks to REO's patented amplitude control, is necessary.

An optional temperature sensor protects your vibratory magnets from overheating.

The temperature sensor ensures that your production will not fail due to overheated vibratory magnets.

Save the costs for additional mains filters.

The non-sinusoidal currents are intercepted by the integrated line filter and converted into clean sinusoidal currents.

IIOT-Ready offers the possibility to use trend-setting technologies and processes digitally.

You are equipped for the IIOT with your own in-house hardware and software.

Proven technology with new features for future-orientated solutions


The frequency converter for the vibratory feeders of the REOVIB MFS 368 series provides the possibility of operating the vibratory feeder at an oscillating frequency that is perfect for the transported material - with a wide input voltage range from 110V to 230V and completely independent of the frequency of the feeding electrical network. Furthermore, it is possible to determine the resonance frequency of the vibratory system automatically and implement the REO patented procedure to keep the amplitude at a constant level.


Different sensor and valve logic links can also be programmed. There is also an option of equipping the devices with fieldbus interfaces and are also available as designs with UL/CSA certification (also an option).

The devices of the REOVIB MFS 368 series are available with a max. output current of 3A, 6A, 8A and as IP20 control cabinet installation variants and a IP54 housing design.


The IP54 housing can be delivered with different connection possibilities:

  • Input cable/output cable
  • Input cable/output socket
  • Completely pluggable with input connector, output socket and sensor and actuator plug connectors

REOVIB AC magnets

Always the right equipment


  • Corrosion protection by means of powder-coating
  • FDA compliant
  • Optimal size/performance ratio
  • Good adjustability
  • Maximum power 3900 VA
  • Also for low frequency applications
  • Low Profile

Investment in the future

Industry 4.0 is making production digital.

Digital technologies and processes enable completely new approaches in production and services. As the industry progressively evolves, the demands on production and communication increase in regards to scalability and interoperability.


With REO, you have a competent partner at your side to successfully deal with the challenges of Industry 4.0.


To this end, REO will equip its devices IIOT-Ready and introduce specially developed hardware and software solutions.

Using the REONET DL interface, you can access devices over a traditional network infrastructure. By using OPC UA, REONET DL enables participation in the world's largest standards-based ecosystem.


We additionally offer the possibility to simplify the configuration of devices with the REONET CT software. A web interface can be used to create and distribute configurations for devices. The automated process ensures that no parameters are left out and the devices are delivered as intended. In addition, the software offers the possibility to save configurations so that they can be adapted or restored at any time.


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